As we prepare for fall festivals and holidays around the corner, your taste buds probably begin anticipating all of those lovely fall treats! The thought of candied apples, turkey, and pumpkin pie are enough to make your stomach start growling! However, if you are wearing dentures, some of those yummy fall foods are off the menu. Luckily there is a solution that will allow you to keep your dentures and enjoy the foods you want!

Dentures are a good source for a new smile, but there are some things that dentures just can’t do. The main problem comes from the loss of bite power. Your teeth just won’t be strong enough to handle food the way they used to, and that’s very frustrating when people around you are enjoying your favorite foods, and you can’t. Dental implants offer a solution to this problem.

Improve the Dentures

Rather than losing the dentures altogether (though this is a possible solution), you can simple stabilize your dentures with the use of dental implants. We can place a few implants strategically around your arches to provide a structure for the dentures. When you put your dentures in, they will attach to the implants and stay right where they are supposed to stay. You’ll see an immediate improvement in your ability to chew the foods you love.

Don’t wait to get a better solution for your denture woes. Invest in implant-supported dentures and enjoy food again! Contact us today with your questions. We’d love to help you decide what is best for your smile. We can’t wait to see you soon!