Wearing New Dentures—What to Expect from Your Latest Dental Procedure

Wearing New Dentures

Dentures are dental appliances worn to replace natural teeth. They are cosmetically pleasing as well as functional. However, they do take some getting used to, and you should expect some minor discomfort as you adjust to them. Here are a few of the issues with new dentures, which can be properly addressed with a few visits and consultations with your Grand Junction, CO dentist:



It is normal to experience sore gums for the first few days of wearing new dentures. Sometimes the dentures themselves can cause sore spots and you may already be sore from tooth extraction. Small sores are common and will go away in a few days. In the meantime, rinse your mouth with warm saltwater to ease discomfort.

Poor Fit

Your gums need some time to heal after tooth extractions and the fit of your dentures may change as your gums heal. Even if you are done healing when you get your dentures, it can be hard to get the fit exactly right on the first try. Give yourself a day or two to adjust to the fit. If you can’t, visit your dentist for some adjustments.

Trouble Chewing and Speaking

As you adjust to your new dental appliance, you will have trouble chewing and speaking. These problems will go away as you get more used to the denture. Just keep practicing and things will be back to normal in a few days.

Excessive Saliva

New denture wearers typically experience an increase in the amount of saliva they produce. While this can be an annoyance, it is not dangerous or cause for alarm. In a few days the excess salivation will stop.

Tasting Troubles

Some denture wearers experience a chemical taste in their mouth when they first get their dentures. This can affect the taste of the foods you eat. Again, this is an issue that will go away once you’ve worn the dentures a few days and they lose their chemical “new car” smell and taste.

It Gets Better

No matter what new sensations and experiences you have wearing new dentures, things do get better. Keep in close touch with your dentist so he can make adjustments and help you as needed. You may also want to consider leaving your dentures in for the first few nights so that you can get used to them more quickly.

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