Three Ways a Dentist Can Help Your Smile

If you think that cheap teeth whitening sounds like it’s too good to be true, or that there has to be some kind of catch, think again. Going to a center for family and cosmetic dentistry might sound like it’s going to cost you and arm and a leg (or tooth!), but the actual costs might surprise you. These days, cheap teeth whitening is actually a realistic possibility.

The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that half of all Americans have either stained teeth or some form of gum disease, which can alter the look of their smile over time. Thankfully, there are three ways that a dentist could help to enhance the look of your smile — to a degree that home teeth whitening kits couldn’t compete with.

  1. Teeth Whitening

    Cheap teeth whitening from a skilled dentist could show better results than any home kit. A dentist can help to whiten your teeth more evenly, and in half the time. It could take weeks or months of using home treatments to achieve the same results that a few visits with an experienced dentist.

  2. Gum Bleaching

    If you suffer from some form of gum disease, it could be affecting your smile in ways you don’t realize. Gum disease makes it easier for bacteria to form colonies, and can even turn your gums from the normal pinkish to a deeper red. A skilled dentist will be able to bleach or restore your gums to a more normal hue.

  3. Caps and Veneers

    If you’ve had dental problems for quite some time, you may have been told that a few of your teeth are too far gone to save. If this is the case, caps or veneers could be the best way to go. Both of these options allow the dentist to put teeth in place that will look and feel perfectly real and natural. If you have one or several teeth that whitening procedures cannot help, this could be the ideal option.

Like it or not, nearly everyone judges people based on the quality of their smile. Because of that fact, finding a dentist who can offer one or more cheap teeth whitening procedures is a terrific way to help make sure that you’re never self-conscious again when it comes to your teeth and gums.