Amalgam fillings are a commonplace part of current dentistry. While many dentists have moved away from placing amalgam, we are still handling the aftermath of a few generations of amalgam cavities. While many dentists have moved away from placing amalgam, most offices are not equipped to remove old fillings and replace them. You might be wondering why that’s necessary, so we put together a short list of our top reasons to replace your amalgam filling with composite material.

1) Prevent Leaking Fillings – Amalgam is a strong filling at first, but over time, the filling weakens the tooth and allows leaks. Bacteria can work below the filling to create an infection in your tooth. By replacing the filling with composite material, you protect yourself from leaks.

2) Feel More Confident – Amalgam doesn’t bother everyone, but we see a lot of patients who really hate the fact that the people around them can see all of their fillings when they yawn or laugh. Composite fillings match the shade of your teeth, giving you a completely natural look.

3) Be Reassured That Dangerous Materials Are Gone – One of the biggest reasons to lose the amalgam is to protect yourself from mercury possibly leaking from the filling. When we do a removal, we take special precautions to ensure safety. Once the composite filling is in, you won’t have to worry about mercury again!

Replacing fillings is a very important for the overall health of your smile. If you are tired of the metal in your mouth, it’s time to come in! Contact us today to set up an appointment! We can’t wait to see you soon!