Smile Stories at Grand Dental

We believe in new beginnings.

Full Mouth Dentistry Smile Stories

This gallery of Smile Stories is all about new beginnings and second chances. At Grand Dental, we see fixing your smile as a way to help you find yourself again. It’s not just about making your teeth look better. It’s a journey to feeling better about yourself, rediscovering joy, and being free to show the real you. Dr. Eric Benefield, renowned as “The Obvious Choice for whole mouth rehabilitation in Grand Junction“, is the dentist that your neighbors trust when they need big changes to their smiles, especially if their dental problems have made them lose touch with themselves. With Dr. Eric, it’s more than dentistry—it’s about giving you back your smile and helping you find your way back to being you.

Our Gallery of New Beginnings

We invite you to explore our Smile Stories, a curated collection of journeys shared by those who have walked the path of transformation with Dr. Eric. Through their videos, you’ll hear firsthand the profound impact of their experiences. Before and after pictures complement their narratives, showcasing not just the technical excellence of Dr. Eric’s work, but the emotional depth of each story. Click on a Smile Story below to get started.

    Smile Transformations That Speak Volumes About Self-Esteem

    Each Grand Dental smile story is a testament to Dr. Benefield’s dedication and expertise in whole mouth restoration. Our patients, men and women alike, have seen dramatic changes in their smiles that help them get their normal lives back. These heart-warming transformations go beyond the dental chair, touching hearts and altering destinies.

      Start Your Own Smile Story With A Free Video Consult With Dr. Eric

      Embark on a journey to your dream smile right away with Grand Dental's Video Smile Consultation. Dr. Eric is just a click away, ready to guide you through the first steps of transforming your smile and, with it, your life. Get all of your questions answered for free in 3 easy steps:

        1. Upload a photo of your current smile.
        2. Dr. Eric will create a personalized video for you.
        3. Watch your video and learn how you can find your smile, and yourself, again.
      Virtual Smile Consultation

      Dr. Eric Benefield - "As Seen On TV"

      Watch as smiles and lives are transformed! Dive into our engaging TV interviews with Dr. Eric and see firsthand the incredible impact of his dental care for people with the need for full mouth dentistry. These stories aren't just about dentistry—they're about new beginnings and rediscovered joy. Click to be inspired by the power of a renewed smile.

      Dr. Eric Benefield on TV
      Dr. Eric Benefield on TV
      Dr. Eric Benefield on TV

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