Getting metal braces fitted to one’s teeth used to be considered as some sort of “rite of passage” for teens. When they inevitably come to realize that traditional braces are a bit of a pain to have, they began to look for options. Fortunately, a known alternative answered the call in the form of Invisalign—a teeth-straightening applique, which uses removable, transparent, plastic trays (aka aligners) that gradually straighten crooked teeth.


Offered as a service by scores of qualified dentists from Grand Junction, CO and beyond, clear aligners aren’t exactly new—they’ve been around since their initial invention in 1997. From the outset, the main purpose of clear aligners were quite obvious: realign crooked/misaligned teeth without calling attention to one’s teeth. Resembling things such as whitening trays and athletic mouth guards, clear aligners pose a serious threat to the existence of traditional braces with the number of benefits they offer.

One such perk is the predominantly shorter treatment time. Teeth realignment is a typically time-consuming undertaking, and the use of traditional metal braces often makes it so—an average of two years is often needed to straighten teeth. With Invisalign, patients can get straighter teeth in as little as six months to a full year, making it a very popular alternative.

Next, there’s the concern for oral hygiene. Taking a look at traditional braces, they sport metal bars and wires intertwined with small elastics, springs, and other components that present the perfect opportunity for bacteria to thrive in. The tiny spaces and edges on, around, and behind these components can easily snag and hold bits of food, which in turn can cause bad breath and may require dental tools to clear away. With Invisalign, there’s little to no problem with hygiene—their removability allows for normal eating, brushing, and flossing throughout the treatment period.

Still, perhaps the best advantage that Invisalign offers is the overall discreet treatment. While a few people may view braces as attractive, a good number of others think that sporting a mouthful of metal isn’t good at all. Since Invisalign is transparent, treatment can be performed without anyone even noticing.

For those who feel bad about the thought of wearing metal bands and wires on your teeth, you’ll rest easy with Invisalign. Simply visit a local cosmetic dentist near you, and if you happen to live on or nearby Grand Junction, practices such as Grand Dental, P.C. offer an option.


Is Invisalign Better Than Braces?, June 2, 2011