Scared of the Dentist? Ask About Sedation Dentistry Today

Many Americans put off their dental appointments because they can’t sit in the dentist’s chair. They’re sometimes haunted with a bad experience or terrified with the sight of the dentist’s drill and other instruments. This prevents them from getting the required treatment. If you’re also scared of the dentist, you can learn from these tips.

Some people apply distraction techniques by diverting their attention and avoid focusing on the procedure. They bring their favorite gadgets and enjoy their time listening to their iPod, playing with their tablets or watching TV. They also practice deep breathing to avoid the tension.

The best way to conquer your problem is to talk to your dentist first without any treatment involved. Set an appointment and inform the staff that you just want an open discussion with your Grand Junction dentist. During your initial consultation, express the reasons why you’re afraid. He’ll listen attentively to your concerns and gladly answer your questions.

Your health care professional will assess the level of your fear, evaluate your medical and oral health history, and study the required dental work for your teeth. After the assessment, he may recommend either inhaled or oral sedation.

For inhaled sedation, you will breathe nitrous oxide (laughing gas) combined with oxygen. It’s ideal for individuals with mild level of fear. Since the effect is just temporary, you can drive after that.

Oral sedation works by taking a sedative pill before your scheduled visit. The dosage of the prescribed drug can range from mild to moderate. This can help you relax during the treatment. You need to bring a family member or a friend to assist you, as you might not be able to drive because it can make you drowsy.

If you want to know more about sedation dentistry, feel free to consult Dr. Eric Benefield. You may reach him at (970) 243-8580. Call today!