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Bruce – A Full Mouth Dentistry Smile Story

Welcome to Bruce’s story of change, hope, and new confidence. This Smile Story takes you through Bruce’s experience, showing you it’s more than just about dental work; it’s about changing lives. Like every Smile Story, it shines a light on what’s possible, revealing how fixing a smile can transform someone’s whole view of life.

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In this Grand Dental Smile Story, Dr. Eric Benefield provided Bruce with the following dental services: Extractions, root canals, dental implants, snap-in upper overdenture, crowns, and single tooth dental implants.

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“Highly professional dental practice that I continue to visit for preventative care after having highly successful dental implant surgery. They prioritize infection prevention and control and have implemented evidence based prevention practices that make me feel safe. My Dental Hygienist is efficient and takes time to educate me on my dental health. I really value the fact that they go above and beyond to communicate with me and make me feel welcome when I visit.” ~ Erin

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