If you’ve been seeing a dentist for most of your life, chances are pretty good that you have a few fillings. You would definitely know if you have amalgam fillings because they look like black holes spread around your mouth! As we learn more about the amalgam filling material and the effects on your health, we are moving away from it. We are even beginning to remove old amalgam fillings from patients’ mouths and repairing cavities with a much safer alternative: composite resin.

Dentists have been using amalgam for years, and some still do! It is a very effective filling material because it is so strong and long-lasting. The concern comes from mercury in the filling material. There are concerns that the mercury could leak into your body, causing damage. As you can imagine, removal of a filling is no simple undertaking, especially when we are removing potentially dangerous materials from your teeth.

The Process

In order to remove an amalgam filling, we need to make sure the procedure will be safe for you by taking lots of images and possibly testing levels of toxicity. During the actual procedure, we will be vigilant in keeping you safe by minimizing your exposure to fragments and vapors from the removal. Once the old filling is out, we will place a new filling by layering composite material into the cavity. Once in, the material will hold just as well as the amalgam filling, but it will be the exact same color as your tooth! No one will know that you had work done except for you!

Removing amalgam fillings could be very beneficial to you. Even if the mercury doesn’t concern you, composite resin fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing! You won’t ever have to feel self-conscious about opening your mouth again! Contact us today to learn more, and we will help you get rid of those dark, threatening fillings in exchange for stunning teeth!