Removable dentures had long restored the quality of life of many dental patients all over the world. From eating your favorite food to speaking comfortably and smiling confidently again, dentures have made it possible to retain the function of natural teeth even after you’ve lost them. Although there are some downsides to wearing dentures, there’s no doubt that dentures have made living normally continuously a reality for many edentulous patients.

Just as modern technology strives to improve on current dental practices and methodology including in the way dental appliances are made and used, titanium mini-dental implants have made it feasible for dentures to remain stable. The implants act like tooth roots that attach to the jaw bone, securely holding the dentures in place while preserving bone density, structure and health. The combination had given rise to implant-retained dentures that now make floating, slipping or falling dentures a thing of the past.

At Grand Dental P.C. clinic in Colorado, Grand Junction top cosmetic dentist Dr. Eric Benefield can fit you with implant-retained dentures in a few easy steps. The titanium posts will be placed in the front part of the jawbone. After some time when the bone has fused with the implants, the retaining fixture attached to the base of the dentures can finally be connected to complete the teeth replacement treatment. Because the retaining fixture snaps on perfectly to the ball-shaped head of the implant, the dentures are held securely in place and can be easily removed when they need to be cleaned.

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