Whether through old age or some unfortunate incident, when a person loses a tooth or a number of teeth, he or she may become less confident about their smiles or even have some difficulty in speaking or eating certain foods. In order to fix this, your dentist in Grand Junction, CO, may recommend that you wear dentures.


Dentures are customized appliances that replace missing teeth, as well as restore their appearance and lost functions. Depending on how many teeth were lost, dentures could be full or partial. Since they are basically dental prosthetic devices, sometimes people feel a little uncomfortable wearing them at first. If you are among those who are currently having a hard time adjusting to wearing dentures, practicing these tips may offer some reprieve.

Use the right amount of adhesive. If the dentures don’t fit properly, you are more likely to feel uncomfortable wearing them. A small amount of prescribed adhesive could help secure them for a better, secure fit.

Beam with confidence. Besides their primary function, dentures are also there to improve your facial appearance and boost self-confidence. So as long as they fit securely, don’t be afraid to beam a nice smile every now and then. Over time, smiling confidently with your dentures on, will feel more natural and easy.

Clean your mouth with a really soft-bristled toothbrush. After the hustle and bustle of the day comes to a close and you remove your dentures, you can use a soft brush to massage the gum tissues gently and then rinse off with a non-alcoholic mouthwash.

Follow your dentist’s guidelines and never feel awkward going back if you feel any discomfort. Just because you now have your teeth replaced doesn’t mean you should forego regular checkups with your dentist. You may be free from tooth decay, but your mouth is still teeming with bacteria that could infect your gums.

If you are in need of teeth replacements or some form of restoration, schedule an appointment with experienced dental professionals here in Grand Junction, CO, like Grand Dental P.C, to see if dentures are a viable option for you. Yes, sometimes they can be a bit of an inconvenience at the early stages of wearing them, but in the end, having even half a set of teeth is better than having no teeth at all.


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