Get Your Crowns the Same Day with CEREC

Patients who have to make several trips to their dentist for their root canal treatment often have to set another batch of appointment when they get a dental crown fitted over the weakened tooth. But when you go to the Grand Dental P.C. clinic in Colorado, Grand Junction top cosmetic dentist Dr. Eric Benefield will need only a single appointment to do it for you.


How is this possible? Dr. Benefield does it with the CEREC or Ceramic Reconstruction system available right inside his facility that makes use of CAD/CAM technology and 3D images to design and create your permanent crown all on the same day. There’s no need to take teeth impressions, no downtime to create the crown in an outside lab and no wearing of temporary crowns.

This computer-aided technology allows Dr. Benefield to make accurate and natural looking crowns, which starts with the spraying of the powder contrast medium on the treated tooth to capture the 3D image, which will serve as the basis for fabricating the final crown. There’s no need to wait or return for another appointment as the crown will be made in a matter of minutes, with the 3D image going into the CEREC proprietary software that produces the crown’s design which is then fed to the milling machine available right inside the facility.

Aside from strengthening a weak, root canal treated tooth, CEREC crowns are also ideal for reinforcing broken or worn-down teeth or for covering a tooth with an old, large dental filling. Apart from being essential parts in dental restorations such as implants and fixed bridges, they would also enable a lot of quick and easy cosmetic enhancements.

The advanced technology of the CEREC system is so practical and beneficial to a lot of patients that it has expanded from crowns to other restorative techniques such as veneers, inlays and onlays. The milling of the anti-abrasive, plaque-resistant ceramic material takes only a few minutes which extends to just a few more depending on the complexity of the restoration.

Get your teeth fixed in just a single appointment. Call 970-243-8580 and ask your Grand Junction dentist about CEREC today.