Five Ways Sedation at the Dentist’s Office Chances Your Experience

Have you heard people talking about sedation, one of the latest trends in dentistry? It’s possible that you have, though we meet with patients all the time who have no idea what is available to them!

Going to the dentist is not a favorite thing to do for anyone, but with the help of sedation, it can cease to be an enemy. Sedation does a lot of things for patients that you might not be aware of. We have picked a few to share with you, and we have those written below.

1. Your Gag Reflex is Eased
One problem we see rather commonly in our office is a heightened gag reflex. Patients with this issue struggle to have a good dental visit because it is something that they are unable to control. When we are working towards the back of the mouth, this patient will gag, repeatedly sometimes.

Not only is it uncomfortable for the patient, but we also struggle to complete the work needed. This leaves the patient with a less than satisfactory appointment. Sedation can ease this problem because sedation relaxes those sensitive muscles that cause the gagging in the first place.

2. We Can Work Efficiently
This might seem like a strange benefit to mention to you, but believe us when we say that our ability to work well can only benefit YOU! After all, you walked into our office expecting great care, and we want to be able to give that to you.

When a patient is frightened or upset during work, it makes it difficult for us to get your work done efficiently. We would possibly sacrifice the best care because we wouldn’t want to cause you more anxiety. Sedation allows you to be relaxed during your appointment so that you get the best care possible.

3. Big Procedures Become Small Inconveniences
How is your schedule? Do you have time to come into the office three or four times to complete one procedure? Most of our patients are unable to do that with major inconveniences. It sometimes takes a lot to schedule simple cleanings and exams, let alone several appointments for a major corrective procedure.

Sedation takes all of that stress and worry away by allowing us to complete complex procedures in a single appointment. That’s right, you can schedule a big procedure for one day and not have to worry about changing the rest of your life around to accommodate several appointments.

4. A Patient With Disabilities Can Get Help
We often meet with parents and families of patients who have disabilities. Patients who are unable to relax in a dental chair due to significant mental handicaps can often benefit from sedation.

The sedation allows them to relax through their appointment. The fear of masked hygienists and dentists is no longer an issue when the patient is under sedation! This solution will only work for some disabled patients, so it is important that you speak with us about this option ahead of time.

5. The Cycle of Fear is Broken
The most important benefit of sedation dentistry is that the cycle of fear is broken. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist because of years of fear, sedation could be the answer to help you FINALLY have a great dental experience.

Once you’ve had a great dental experience, it is much easier for you to come back for more and more great experiences! The cycle of fear is broken, and you are free to move forward to a healthier smile!

Contact us today to get started. Grand Dental can’t wait to show you all of your options and help you finally have a great experience.