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Shelly – A Grand Dental Smile Story

A Grand Dental Blog Post by Dr. Eric Benefield

Shelly’s Transformation: A Grand Dental Success Story

Transcript of the video: Shelly’s Smile Story

Shelly's Smile Story

Shelly’s story is probably one of the most emotional stories that I’ve been through with a patient. It’s amazing. Shelly came to me after having a lot of dental work done over the years, but all of it had failed. She literally had a removable partial denture on the bottom, which was supposed to be supported by teeth, but those teeth had deteriorated. The roots were still in the bone, but the partial was just sitting on her gums. On the top, she had only her front six teeth, either a bridge or some crowns, but she had learned to smile in a way that only showed those front teeth, so nobody knew how bad her situation was except for her.

Shelly brought in a list of 19 things she dreamed about changing if she could fix her smile and teeth. These were things most of us take for granted. She wanted to say yes to her husband when he asked her to go for a walk, but she always said no to avoid interactions with neighbors who might judge her by her teeth. She wanted to have a bubble gum blowing contest with her grandkids, which was one of her 19 items. Every year she went home for Christmas, her teeth got worse, and her grandkids asked her to do things she couldn’t. She wanted to change the subject and avoid the situation. She didn’t want to deal with this emotional pain anymore.

Shelly reached a point where she was afraid she had waited too long and wouldn’t have enough bone left for implants, fearing she would need a denture, which was the same problem she already had. When we told her she had enough bone for implants and could get a set of permanently fixed teeth, she was ecstatic. She even quit smoking right in my dental chair. She got to attend her mom’s 80th birthday party with her temporary teeth and just be herself. When she came back, she gave me the biggest hug and said she couldn’t believe she could smile without something falling out or enjoy her grandkids without worry.

Shelly wanted to share her story to help others avoid the same struggles. If you feel like Shelly and have been hiding your problem for years, take her advice and stop waiting. Don’t waste another minute. Shelly would tell you to call today and start the process to open up a new, amazing part of your life.

Dr. Eric on the life-changing impact of this Smile Story.

Shelly’s Dental Struggles

Shelly’s story is one of courage, perseverance, and the remarkable impact of modern dentistry. For years, she struggled with failing dental work. Her lower teeth were almost non-existent, leaving her with a removable partial denture that rested uncomfortably on her gums. Her upper teeth were limited to a bridge or crowns on her front six teeth. Despite these challenges, Shelly perfected a smile that hid the extent of her dental issues from the world.

An Emotional Toll

The emotional burden of Shelly’s dental problems was immense. She compiled a list of 19 dreams, simple wishes we often take for granted, like saying “yes” to a walk with her husband without the fear of encountering neighbors and being judged for her teeth. Shelly longed to participate in a bubble gum blowing contest with her grandkids, a desire that highlighted her yearning for normalcy and joy.

Each Christmas, Shelly faced her family with worsening dental issues, avoiding requests from her grandchildren that would expose her dental insecurities. She dreaded another year of hiding her smile and the emotional withdrawal it caused. Shelly’s fear of her partial denture falling out during meals or kisses with her husband further isolated her from the joys of everyday life.

The Turning Point

Driven by a profound desire for change, Shelly decided to seek help. Her primary fear was that she had waited too long, and there wouldn’t be enough bone to support dental implants. The relief and joy she experienced when Dr. Eric Benefield assured her that she had sufficient bone for implants was indescribable.

A New Beginning

Shelly’s transformation began with her decision to quit smoking—a tough but crucial step to ensure the success of her dental implants. Her dedication paid off, and she proudly attended her mother’s 80th birthday with temporary teeth, enjoying the freedom to be herself without worry. The overwhelming gratitude she expressed to Dr. Benefield highlighted the profound impact of regaining her smile.

Why Dental Health Matters

Shelly’s story is a powerful reminder of how dental health is intertwined with overall well-being. Dental issues can lead to social withdrawal, emotional distress, and a diminished quality of life. At Grand Dental, we understand these challenges and are committed to providing comprehensive dental care that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of dental health.

Modern Dental Solutions

Advancements in dental technology offer solutions that can transform lives. Dental implants, for instance, provide a permanent and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth, eliminating the discomfort and insecurity associated with removable dentures. Implants fuse with the jawbone, offering stability and the confidence to eat, speak, and smile freely.

Personalized Care at Grand Dental

At Grand Dental, we tailor our treatments to meet the unique needs of each patient. Dr. Eric Benefield and our team take the time to understand your concerns, aspirations, and dental history. We create personalized treatment plans that not only restore your smile but also enhance your quality of life.

Take the First Step Today

If Shelly’s story resonates with you, don’t wait another day to address your dental concerns. Shelly herself waited two years before making that life-changing call to Grand Dental. She would urge you to take action now and not let fear or uncertainty hold you back from living a full and vibrant life.

Contact Grand Dental

At Grand Dental, we are here to support you on your journey to a healthier, more confident smile. Whether you need a routine check-up, advanced restorative procedures, or a complete smile makeover, we have the expertise and compassion to help you achieve your dental goals.

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