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What Are The Main Differences Between a Family & General Dentist?

A Grand Dental Blog Post by Dr. Trenten Wood

Dr. Trenten Wood on The Importance of Family Dentistry

Transcript of the video: The Importance of Family Dentistry

Dr. Wood on Family Dentistry

The biggest difference between family dentistry and general dentistry is the ability to take care of a family from all ages, ranging from infancy all the way up to 80, 90, 100 years old. We aim to provide ideal treatment for every age and every outcome. Family Dentistry helps to maintain oral health across all ages. This is possible because we have the capability to take care of members of the family starting from a very young age, coaching them throughout their lives, and giving them the best treatment possible.

Having a family dentist take care of the whole family is very beneficial. For instance, one of the older siblings may have had treatment already that they can help a younger sibling with, and vice versa. This allows the family to know what they can expect and what we can provide them as an educational tool. I believe transparency is one of the biggest factors in dentistry to help build a solid foundation with the family. This allows the family to both trust the dentist and for the dentist to provide the family with the utmost education and ideal treatment they can receive.

A multi-disciplinary approach to Family Dentistry is very ideal because all different family members have something different going on; they may have different needs for what a dentist can provide. Here, we try to provide every treatment possible so that you can stay in the same office and achieve the goals you would like.

At My Grand Dental, we want everyone to feel like family.

What Are The Main Differences Between a Family & General Dentist? Explained by Dr. Trenten Wood

Unlike general dentistry, which focuses on individual oral health, family dentistry encompasses a more holistic approach, catering to patients of all ages, from the tender age of infancy to the golden years of 100 and beyond. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of choosing a family dentist, emphasizing the unique advantages that Dr. Wood’s practice offers to families in Grand Junction and beyond.

A Lifelong Partnership in Oral Health

Family dentistry is not just about treating dental issues as they arise; it’s about establishing a lifelong partnership between the dentist and the family. Grand Dental is built on the foundation of trust and education, ensuring that every family member, regardless of age, receives personalized and ideal treatment plans. From the first tooth to the need for dentures, Dr. Wood is there to guide, treat, and educate his patients through every stage of life.

The Benefits of Family Dentistry

  1. Comprehensive Care for All Ages: Dr. Trenten Wood addresses the unique dental needs of infants, children, teenagers, adults, and seniors under one roof. This eliminates the need for families to seek out different specialists for different family members, offering convenience and consistency in care.
  2. Preventive Education and Care: Starting dental care at a young age is crucial for long-term oral health. We focus on preventive care and education, teaching children the importance of good oral hygiene practices from the start. This early intervention helps in preventing the development of dental issues later in life.
  3. Familiarity and Comfort: Having a single family dentist like Dr. Wood take care of the entire family creates a comfortable and familiar environment for all. Children, in particular, benefit from this familiarity, which can alleviate the fear and anxiety often associated with dental visits.
  4. Tracking Genetic Dental Issues: Family dentistry allows patients and dentists time to track and manage genetic dental issues that may affect multiple family members. This proactive approach can lead to early detection and treatment, ensuring better outcomes for everyone.
  5. Convenience: Scheduling appointments for the whole family with Dr. Wood can significantly reduce the logistical hassle of managing multiple dental care providers. This convenience is especially beneficial for busy families, making dental care less of a chore and more of a simple step in maintaining overall health.

A Multi-disciplinary Approach

Understanding that each family member may have different dental needs, Dr. Wood employs a multi-disciplinary approach to dentistry. Whether it’s orthodontics for the teenagers, cosmetic dentistry for the adults, or geriatric care for the seniors, our practice is equipped to provide a wide range of dental services. This not only ensures that all dental needs are met within the same practice but also allows for a cohesive treatment plan that addresses the oral health of the family as a whole.

Building Trust Through Transparency

One of the cornerstones of Grand Dental is transparency. We believe that an informed patient is an empowered patient. By providing clear explanations of dental conditions and treatment options, Dr. Wood ensures that every family member can make informed decisions about their oral health. This openness fosters trust and confidence between Dr. Wood and his patients, making the dental care experience positive and stress-free.

Choosing the right dentist for your family is a decision that impacts the well-being of your loved ones. Dr. Trenten Wood’s commitment to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and convenient family dentistry makes him a trusted partner in the oral health of Grand Junction families. By embracing a holistic approach that values education, prevention, and personalized care, Dr. Wood ensures that every visit to Grand Dental feels like coming home.

At Grand Dental, you’re not just a patient; you’re family. Experience the difference that genuine care and professional expertise can make in your family’s oral health. Visit Dr. Trenten Wood and his team today, and take the first step towards a lifetime of healthy smiles.

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