End the Battle With Your Dentures

When you first received your dentures, you probably didn’t think of them as an enemy, but it probably didn’t take long for you to change your mind. Dentures are meant to help you improve your ability to chew and enjoy life, but they aren’t always successful.

In fact, many denture wearers absolutely hate their appliances because they get so frustrated with the fact that the dentures are unable to function anything like natural teeth. Let’s take a look at the actual problem and what we can do help you have a great denture experience.

What’s the Problem?

Dentures are so common that most of us assume that there won’t be any problems. After all, you probably know many people who have worn dentures for years. It has been so long that even they may not realize how poor their dentures function! From the fit of dentures to the lack of nutrition, dentures can cause lots of problems for our patients.

Loose, Ill-fitting
Even with quality dentures, patients will often experience a loose feeling. This will affect your ability to chew as well as the comfort of your gums. Dentures that are constantly rubbing against your gums will create sores and swelling over time.

You will also be unable to eat chew comfortably making eating your favorite foods and healthy meals next to impossible.

Nutrition is Lacking
Eating a balanced nutrition is extremely important for your overall health. If you are unable to eat the most nutritious fruits and vegetables because of your dentures, your health will suffer. You won’t be getting the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to remain strong.

We often see denture patients with struggling health because they are unable to eat a balanced diet. They end up eating foods that are high in starch and carbohydrates because those foods are soft and easy to eat. The problem is that those foods are also really bad for your heart and blood sugar levels.

Where’s the Solution?

So what kind of solution can there be? Dentures are popular because of the small price tag that accompanies them, and patients are rarely aware that there are other, better options involving the use of dental implants.

Dental Implants
Dental implants are small titanium posts that fit directly into your jawbone to secure individual crowns or full dentures. We can even complete the entire procedure in one appointment using our Teeth in a Day process.

Mini Dental Implants
You may have tried to get implants before but were told that you didn’t have enough bone mass for implants. There is now a solution for that problem, and it doesn’t involve gum graft surgery!

Mini dental implants can give you all of the benefits of implants despite your thinning jawbone. Mini implants work in the exact same way as regular implants, but they are much thinner which allows them to heal in even the thinnest bone!

How to Begin?

Are you tired of your dentures? It could be time to make a change for the better. It’s time for you to consider dental implants! All you need to do is call today to set up a consultation appointment where we can review your options and give you the best solution possible!

Grand Dental can’t wait to see you and your smile very soon!