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Does It Hurt To Get Dental Implants?

A Grand Dental Blog Post by Dr. Eric Benefield

Does It Hurt To Get Dental Implants?

I’m sure many of you have wondered about the experience of getting dental implants. Will it hurt? What’s the recovery process like? Dr. Eric Benefield explains:

The Most Common Concern: Does It Hurt?
First off, if you’re worried about pain, know that you’re not alone. Dr. Benefield mentioned that the most frequent question he gets during dental implant seminars is, “How bad does it hurt to have a dental implant?” While the idea of inserting hardware into your bone might sound painful, the reality is quite the opposite.

Zero Pain During the Procedure
The first part of the question is whether the procedure itself is painful. According to Dr. Benefield, the answer is a resounding ‘no.’ At Grand Dental, different anesthesia levels are available to match each patient’s comfort zone.

  • Local Anesthesia: This is just like the numbing you’d receive for a filling. Once numbed, the implant is inserted, and patients report zero pain during this process.
  • Laughing Gas: For those who prefer a ‘lighter’ experience but still want to be awake, laughing gas is an excellent option.
  • Full Sedation: And then, there are those who prefer not to remember anything at all. For these patients, full sedation is available.

Patient Testimonials: What Do They Remember?
The day after the procedure, Dr. Benefield often checks in with his patients. A staggering 99 out of 100 people hardly remember anything about the surgery, just as they preferred. Thus, you can expect not to feel any pain during the procedure itself.

Post-Procedure: Is It Uncomfortable?
This brings us to the second part of the question: “How does it feel afterward?” Patients typically report minimal soreness, much to their surprise and relief. Dr. Benefield was clear: the body does an excellent job of incorporating the implant into the bone, leading to minimal post-procedure discomfort.

Setting Realistic Expectations: Mild Soreness At Most
The general expectation you should have is for some mild soreness after the procedure. However, it’s extremely rare for anyone to describe the experience as highly uncomfortable. Many patients even report feeling nothing at all!

A Painless Experience at Grand Dental
To sum it up, dental implants have an undeserved reputation for being painful. According to Dr. Benefield, not only is the procedure virtually pain-free, but the post-operative discomfort is also minimal for the vast majority of patients. Different anesthesia options ensure a comfortable experience tailored to your needs.

If you’ve been contemplating getting a dental implant but have been held back by the fear of pain, let this be your reassurance. With the modern techniques employed at Grand Dental, there’s no need to go through needless suffering. Schedule a consultation today!

Thank you for reading! If you have any more questions about dental implants or any other dental procedures, feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to make your dental experience as comfortable as possible!

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