Dentists in Grand Junction, CO: Cosmetic Procedures to Look Younger

Among all strategies or solutions for a youthful look or vibe, one of the most effective ways lies with proper dental and oral care. Dentition that suffered the negative impacts of aging and use, as well as damage due to the types of food and beverages consumed largely by an individual can add more years to one’s appearance.


Fortunately, innovations in cosmetic dentistry present opportunities for patients to improve smiles and restore their teeth for a younger appearance. Whether it’s a chipped tooth, crooked smile, or stained teeth that’s keeping you from smiling, cosmetic dentists in Grand Junction, CO or elsewhere can address your problem and help you attain flawless and healthy pearly whites.

Compared to a general or family dentist, a cosmetic dentist focuses on the aesthetic benefits of performing dental treatments. Then again, the goals of restorative and aesthetic dental procedures are not all too different. For instance, dental fillings are primarily used to patch up cavities, but with additional options of porcelain and composite materials, the patient can retain the natural color and appearance of the teeth.

Below are popular cosmetic dental options that can turn back time on your appearance through a beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most essential process in cosmetic dentistry since many adults are inclined to activities that stain the teeth, such as poor oral hygiene, smoking, or drinking. The most effective approach to whiten yellowish or blemished teeth is bleaching. Some dental clinics may also recommend at-home products like mouth rinses, whitening toothpastes, and a custom mouthpiece to be filled with a whitening agent.

Braces and Aligners

Dental braces are sought after to improve the alignment of teeth. The most common appliance used in orthodontics, a dental brace is usually composed of brackets made from plastic, ceramic, or metal materials that are bonded in an entire arch to reposition teeth and fix bad bites. A popular alternative for this device is the use of aligners or invisible braces, specifically Invisalign, which are removable and less bothersome than the traditional metal type.


Dental bonding is an alternative to covering up discolored teeth, wherein it involves applying a composite material, resembling the enamel and dentin, into the affected area. It is then sculpted or contoured into shape. Unlike whitening and veneers, this technique can’t repair an entire smile and the composite part is also prone to staining. Other than whitening teeth, this remedy is also performed to fix cracks and chips of a tooth and spacing issues (i.e. gap teeth).

It’s important to seek high-quality cosmetic dentistry services from established practices in Grand Junction, CO like Grand Dental, P.C so you can ensure the best results, thereby giving you less stress and more reasons to smile.


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