Orthodontics is a field in dentistry that specializes in treating people with uneven or improper bites. This condition is also known as malocclusion, which results from irregularly shaped teeth or disproportionate jaws. Usually there is a difference in the size of the lower and upper jaw and this cause the teeth to have abnormal growth and bite patterns. Malocclusion is often hereditary.

Orthodontic Appliances, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Bite problems caused by malocclusions are corrected using two types of orthodontic appliances, fixed and removable ones. Some of the more common forms of fixed appliances are braces and fixed space maintainers while Invisalign clear braces are great examples of removable appliances.

Having a check up with your Grand Junction dentist may help in early detection of any serious malocclusion problems when it comes to kids or younger patients. For adults, it may take a series of tests and an assessment on how your teeth and jaw will develop without treatment before actual procedures are performed.

Examples of tests that your Grand Junction dentist may require include X-rays of the teeth and jawbones, a clinical examination, and a look at your full medical and dental history. Based on the test results, your dentist will recommend the appropriate treatment.

Treatments for bite irregularities usually start during teenage years when our teeth have developed fully and can show how they are aligned in our mouths. In cases where teeth and jaw problems show up early, treatment can also commence but may be a bit more difficult and longer to correct.

A good way to prevent further dental problems when you are dealing with malocclusion is to maintain good oral hygiene. Brush and floss your teeth regularly in order to avoid plaque buildup due to bits of food that remain in our teeth. These will not only cause bad breath but also gum disease in the future.

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If you think that cheap teeth whitening sounds like it’s too good to be true, or that there has to be some kind of catch, think again. Going to a center for family and cosmetic dentistry might sound like it’s going to cost you and arm and a leg (or tooth!), but the actual costs might surprise you. These days, cheap teeth whitening is actually a realistic possibility.

The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that half of all Americans have either stained teeth or some form of gum disease, which can alter the look of their smile over time. Thankfully, there are three ways that a dentist could help to enhance the look of your smile — to a degree that home teeth whitening kits couldn’t compete with.

  1. Teeth Whitening

    Cheap teeth whitening from a skilled dentist could show better results than any home kit. A dentist can help to whiten your teeth more evenly, and in half the time. It could take weeks or months of using home treatments to achieve the same results that a few visits with an experienced dentist.

  2. Gum Bleaching

    If you suffer from some form of gum disease, it could be affecting your smile in ways you don’t realize. Gum disease makes it easier for bacteria to form colonies, and can even turn your gums from the normal pinkish to a deeper red. A skilled dentist will be able to bleach or restore your gums to a more normal hue.

  3. Caps and Veneers

    If you’ve had dental problems for quite some time, you may have been told that a few of your teeth are too far gone to save. If this is the case, caps or veneers could be the best way to go. Both of these options allow the dentist to put teeth in place that will look and feel perfectly real and natural. If you have one or several teeth that whitening procedures cannot help, this could be the ideal option.

Like it or not, nearly everyone judges people based on the quality of their smile. Because of that fact, finding a dentist who can offer one or more cheap teeth whitening procedures is a terrific way to help make sure that you’re never self-conscious again when it comes to your teeth and gums.

Many Americans put off their dental appointments because they can’t sit in the dentist’s chair. They’re sometimes haunted with a bad experience or terrified with the sight of the dentist’s drill and other instruments. This prevents them from getting the required treatment. If you’re also scared of the dentist, you can learn from these tips.

Some people apply distraction techniques by diverting their attention and avoid focusing on the procedure. They bring their favorite gadgets and enjoy their time listening to their iPod, playing with their tablets or watching TV. They also practice deep breathing to avoid the tension.

The best way to conquer your problem is to talk to your dentist first without any treatment involved. Set an appointment and inform the staff that you just want an open discussion with your Grand Junction dentist. During your initial consultation, express the reasons why you’re afraid. He’ll listen attentively to your concerns and gladly answer your questions.

Your health care professional will assess the level of your fear, evaluate your medical and oral health history, and study the required dental work for your teeth. After the assessment, he may recommend either inhaled or oral sedation.

For inhaled sedation, you will breathe nitrous oxide (laughing gas) combined with oxygen. It’s ideal for individuals with mild level of fear. Since the effect is just temporary, you can drive after that.

Oral sedation works by taking a sedative pill before your scheduled visit. The dosage of the prescribed drug can range from mild to moderate. This can help you relax during the treatment. You need to bring a family member or a friend to assist you, as you might not be able to drive because it can make you drowsy.

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Enamel is the hardest substance inside your body. It performs a crucial job in protecting your teeth from the daily stress of biting and chewing. This tough shell is also exposed to acidic content and to the extreme temperatures of the food and drinks you consume every day, which wears it down unless you practice proper oral care.

Enamel and Dentin

Enamel serves as a protective covering for the inner layer of your teeth, called dentin. When the layer of enamel erodes, it affects your dentin and you become susceptible to cavities and decay. This may also cause tooth sensitivity, discoloration, and other dental issues. You may also experience more sudden toothaches should the layer of enamel gets stripped or damaged.

Causes of Enamel Erosion

Poor oral hygiene is the main cause of enamel erosion. If you don’t brush and floss regularly, you’re giving an opportunity for the bacteria to attack and destroy your teeth. Apart from this, other factors can also damage your teeth. This includes:

– Excessive drinking of carbonated drinks
– Too much consumption of sugary food and beverages
– Certain drugs which are acidic in nature
– Dry mouth
– Hard brushing, which could scrape of the layer of enamel
– Teeth grinding, especially at night while you sleep

Prevention and Care

Proper dental hygiene paired with regular visits to your Grand Junction dentist clinic can help prevent enamel erosion.

Your dentist offers advice on how you can protect your teeth and may recommend dental bonding to restore minor damages. Dental bonding involves the application of tooth-colored material to restore a damaged tooth and bring back the natural appearance of your teeth. It can repair chipped or cracked teeth, change the shape of a tooth, hide discoloration, and solve other minor dental issues.

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Cosmetic dentistry has become quite popular as more and more people are now aware that they can improve the appearance of their teeth with just a few simple procedures that won’t even take a whole day at the dentist’s chair.

For example, when you visit your Grand Junction top cosmetic dentist to have a session for teeth whitening, you may only need an hour or so to finish the procedure and get instant whitening results. Here are other options available in the dental world today that are guaranteed to bring back that confident smile on your face.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are custom-made shells that help solve a variety of dental problems including stained, chipped, and crooked teeth. Having veneers made is not really a complicated procedure and may only require your Grand Junction dentist to remove a thin layer of your teeth’s enamel, which is the outermost layer of a tooth. Then, impressions of your mouth will be taken for the permanent veneers. Treatment will take two short visits, as your veneers will need to be fabricated at an off-site dental lab.

Tooth Shaping

This procedure is most suited for patients who have irregularly shaped teeth. For example, tooth shaping can help shorten long teeth or round off the points of a sharp, pointy end of a tooth. An even shape for all your teeth will obviously make your smile look more appealing and help enhance the shape of your lips as well.

The procedure involves removal of a thin layer of the enamel until the desired shape is achieved. It is painless because the enamel has no nerves and only takes about thirty minutes or so. There may be a slight sensitivity after tooth shaping but this can be treated by fluoride products and/or desensitizers.

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Restoring damaged teeth is not necessarily a long process. On the contrary, modern dental restorations like crowns are done quickly with the help of cutting-edge technology provided by the CEREC system. CEREC or CEramic REConstruction uses computer-aided 3D images of a person’s teeth in order to fabricate crowns that can be finished at the dentist’s office in just a few minutes.

If you’re a busy person and you want to shape up your teeth, you don’t have to consume so much time in going back and forth to the clinic. Instead, you’ll just visit the office once. That’s right. Just take a break from your work, get the needed treatment, and return to your usual activity. The design, fabrication, and placement of your crowns are squeezed in just one appointment. There’s no need for you to wait for days or weeks.

After a careful evaluation of your mouth, your Grand Junction top cosmetic dentist will take digital impressions of your teeth to create 3D images that’ll be used to fabricate your crown. He’ll create a design of your “cap” and choose the appropriate color and shape. Take note that CEREC porcelain crowns are commonly used because they fit better, look more natural, and are highly durable.

Once details are finalized, the design will be sent to the on-site milling machine that will process your crowns. You’ll just wait for a few minutes for the machine to finish. Once it’s ready, your crown will be placed on your tooth by your dentist, all in just one visit. The speedy process eliminates the use of temporary restorations. Afterwards, you’ll leave the same day with a great smile! With proper care, it can last for several years.

Do you want to restore your chipped, broken, or worn teeth with CEREC crowns? Dr. Eric Benefield can help you improve your smile using this unique approach. Get in touch with your Grand Junction dentist by calling 970-243-8580. Ask the friendly staff to book an appointment for you. Call today!

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars to erupt or come out. So when they finally do emerge, they most likely won’t have enough room to grow normally since the other teeth have already made their way into the mouth and have settled in place. When this happens, wisdom teeth can become impacted or only partially break through the gums, which may cause some tenderness and pain.

When impacted wisdom teeth causes pain, the usual course of treatment is to extract the tooth. Even non-painful wisdom teeth can already be extracted before they are yet to exhibit any symptoms. This is to prevent the future likelihood of other dental problems attributed to the wisdom teeth’s awkward position at the back of the mouth. Since they are hard to reach and clean, they are more vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease, which could cause other dental problems later on unless they are extracted.

Since impacted wisdom teeth have not fully erupted, they are not as easily extracted and would require incisions to remove. This is when you’ll need the expert surgical skills of Grand Junction dentist Dr. Eric Benefield of the Grand Dental P.C. clinic in Colorado. He will first order an X-ray to determine the exact positioning of your wisdom tooth. Then before the extraction, the impacted tooth and those surrounding it will be numbed with a local anesthetic, with additional sedative medication to be administered as needed.

Following the extraction, the incision, which may or may not require stitches, will be closed. Some discomfort may occur within the next couple of days after the procedure but all can be easily managed with simple home remedies and pain medication.

If you’re experiencing any pain at the back end of your teeth, you might have an impacted wisdom tooth. Have your Grand Junction dentist perform a thorough checkup by calling 970-243-8580 to book an appointment.

Have you always wanted to get braces to straighten your crooked teeth yet also been repeatedly dissuaded by the thought of having the highly noticeable and uncomfortable wires and brackets in your mouth? Or is it the cost of getting braces and the years you’d have to spend wearing them that’s keeping you from undergoing this treatment that can improve your appearance and give you added confidence?

If you answered yes to both questions above, your problem ends here at the Grand Dental P.C. clinic in Colorado. Grand Junction top cosmetic dentist Dr. Eric Benefield has the solution – the Invisalign clear aligners system – that corrects misaligned teeth with practically invisible plastic braces that gradually move your teeth in the desired position with just the right amount of pressure with each change in aligner sets that are worn for two weeks each.

Since Invisalign aligners are made with clear, transparent plastic, your friends and colleagues won’t even notice you are wearing braces. The smooth high-grade plastic is also much more comfortable compared to the wires and brackets of metal braces that can cut the insides of your mouth. The easily removable aligners also make eating your favorite food more appetizing while making cleaning the aligners as needed just as convenient.

Wearing Invisalign clear aligners is painless and hassle-free. What makes it even better is that Grand Dental P.C. offers several financing options to make the treatment easy on your budget. This way, you get the physical and social benefits of your dental enhancement without the unnecessary stress on your finances.

In the long run, the advantages of getting Invisalign won’t just be on your appearance but more importantly on your oral health. Having crooked teeth may lead to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath and by correcting their misalignment, you not only avoid these typical oral diseases but other more serious ailments connected with oral health like heart disease and stroke.

A better smile awaits you so don’t postpone any longer. Call 970-243-8580 now for an appointment with Grand Junction dentist Dr. Benefield.

Patients who have to make several trips to their dentist for their root canal treatment often have to set another batch of appointment when they get a dental crown fitted over the weakened tooth. But when you go to the Grand Dental P.C. clinic in Colorado, Grand Junction top cosmetic dentist Dr. Eric Benefield will need only a single appointment to do it for you.


How is this possible? Dr. Benefield does it with the CEREC or Ceramic Reconstruction system available right inside his facility that makes use of CAD/CAM technology and 3D images to design and create your permanent crown all on the same day. There’s no need to take teeth impressions, no downtime to create the crown in an outside lab and no wearing of temporary crowns.

This computer-aided technology allows Dr. Benefield to make accurate and natural looking crowns, which starts with the spraying of the powder contrast medium on the treated tooth to capture the 3D image, which will serve as the basis for fabricating the final crown. There’s no need to wait or return for another appointment as the crown will be made in a matter of minutes, with the 3D image going into the CEREC proprietary software that produces the crown’s design which is then fed to the milling machine available right inside the facility.

Aside from strengthening a weak, root canal treated tooth, CEREC crowns are also ideal for reinforcing broken or worn-down teeth or for covering a tooth with an old, large dental filling. Apart from being essential parts in dental restorations such as implants and fixed bridges, they would also enable a lot of quick and easy cosmetic enhancements.

The advanced technology of the CEREC system is so practical and beneficial to a lot of patients that it has expanded from crowns to other restorative techniques such as veneers, inlays and onlays. The milling of the anti-abrasive, plaque-resistant ceramic material takes only a few minutes which extends to just a few more depending on the complexity of the restoration.

Get your teeth fixed in just a single appointment. Call 970-243-8580 and ask your Grand Junction dentist about CEREC today.

Do Your Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

Wisdom teeth have always been sort of a mystery for a lot of people. They appear quite late in our lives, often when we’re around 16 to 24 years old and there’s one question that lingers: Do we need to get rid of them? Well, it depends.

Your dentist may recommend extraction if the wisdom tooth is causing a problem with the appearance of your teeth. Wisdom teeth can “push” the rest of your teeth sideways because of the space they’re occupying in your gums. This may eventually result in crooked and unsightly teeth.

Sometimes you may also need to remove a wisdom tooth due to decay. Since wisdom teeth grow at the farthest corners of our mouths, they tend to be hard to brush and floss, resulting in plaque build-up and eventually cavities. Of course, it is not good to wait until there’s a problem with your wisdom teeth. You can go to your dentist and have them checked.

Preparing for a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you’ve never had a wisdom tooth removed, you might think that the procedure is painful and messy. On the contrary, it can be a very simple and painless process especially if your dentist is one who has performed a lot of this type of tooth extraction.

A local anesthetic will be injected or applied to numb the area of your gums where the tooth will be removed. If you will have more than one wisdom tooth extracted, a general anesthetic will be used and this can prevent you from feeling any pain. You will be advised by your dentist not to eat or take in any liquids at least five hours before the extraction schedule.

After the Extraction

When the wisdom tooth has finally been removed, a gauze bandage may be applied or a few stitches may be needed. If the latter is the case, there is a dissolving type of stitch, which disappears within 3-5 days, and one that needs to be removed several days after.

Most people recover from wisdom tooth extraction without any complications. They only need to take in prescribed painkillers to ease whatever pain they might experience while recovering.

To get in touch with an experienced Grand Junction dentist for your wisdom tooth removal, you may call Grand Dental, P.C. at (970) 243-8580. Headed by Dr. Eric Benefield, the clinic offers dental services in wisdom teeth extraction, mini implants, sedation dentistry, Invisalign, and other dental care procedures.