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Dr. Eric Benefield completely understands how good communication with his patients plays a crucial role in ensuring their comfort, understanding, and, ultimately, the success of their dental treatments. Patients are grateful for Dr. Eric taking so much time to explain dental procedures to them, as they have often encountered situations where dentists spent only a few minutes with them, leaving them feeling confused and uneasy.

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Featured Smile Story – Jeff

Featured Smile Story – Jeff

Jeff came to us after dealing with some significant medical issues. He had made a firm decision to get healthy, and improving his dental health was a big part of that plan. Jeff’s teeth were in poor shape, and he was very self-conscious about their appearance. Over time, he had developed a habit of hiding his teeth, making it unnatural for him to smile.

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Featured Smile Story – Gloria

Featured Smile Story – Gloria

Gloria’s story is quite funny because her husband initially came to us determined to get straighter and nicer teeth. He was preparing for a high school reunion and wanted his teeth fixed beforehand. Gloria sat in the background, observing the entire process. By the end, both she and her husband loved the results. Seeing her husband’s successful transformation, Gloria decided to trust us with her own dental issues!

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An ESTEEM Dental Implants Testimonial With Sharon

An ESTEEM Dental Implants Testimonial With Sharon

Dr. Benefield’s expertise in dental implants is evident in the satisfaction expressed by his patients. His approach not only focuses on the technical aspects of dental implantation but also on ensuring that patients feel informed and cared for throughout the process. The trust and confidence that Sharon placed in Dr. Benefield and his team reflect their commitment to excellence in dental care.

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Featured Smile Story – Vern

Featured Smile Story – Vern

When Vern walked into my office, he brought with him a unique challenge that many might find daunting. Having begun a full mouth rehabilitation elsewhere, circumstances led him to seek someone who could seamlessly continue his dental journey. Fortunately, he found us at Grand Dental, and it was my pleasure to step in and guide him through to the completion of his transformation.

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An ESTEEM Dental Implants Testimonial With Kendra

An ESTEEM Dental Implants Testimonial With Kendra

Kendra came to Grand Dental about eight months back, looking for more than just a teeth cleaning. She was really bothered by her receding gums, which made her feel a lot older. She chose Grand Dental because of glowing recommendations, and she hoped to find a solution that could help her feel confident again.

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Do You Offer Same-Day or Emergency Dentistry?

Do You Offer Same-Day or Emergency Dentistry?

Your time is precious, and so is your dental health! Dr. Trenten Wood and our dedicated team in Grand Junction, CO, understand that dental emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time in your schedule. That’s why we’re proud to offer same-day dental services designed to address your urgent dental needs promptly and efficiently, ensuring you don’t have to suffer in pain any longer than necessary.

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Featured Smile Story – Julie

Featured Smile Story: Joe

Our approach with Joe, as with all our patients, was to listen carefully to his needs and design a treatment plan centered around restoring the health and strength of his teeth. We utilized dental implants to replace the missing teeth and crafted high-quality crowns to protect and reinforce the ones at risk.

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Benefits Of Full Mouth Restoration

Benefits Of Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration, also known as Full Mouth Rehabilitation or Reconstruction, is a pinnacle service at Grand Dental. It is a multifaceted approach that addresses a wide range of dental concerns including missing, misaligned, decayed, and damaged teeth, restoring them to optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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Dental Implant Pricing

Dental Implant Pricing

Dr. Eric Benefield believes in providing transparent pricing and personalized care to ensure that you can make informed decisions about your dental health. By providing you with a clear understanding of how dental implant pricing works and what you can expect during the process, you can make the best possible decision for yourself.

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We believe that patients should have the knowledge and understanding to make informed decisions about their dental care

Dental Patient Education FAQs

Learn more about why it’s so important to learn about the dental procedures you’re considering with these frequently asked questions.

Our team, and these blog posts, are here for your reference. Browse through the archive of dental topics and let us know what questions you’d like answered. We’ll post them here for the entire Grand Junction community to learn from.

Why is patient education so important?

Dr. Eric here. From my perspective, effective communication with our patients is paramount. It ensures that they leave our office feeling fully informed and equipped with a clear understanding of their treatment plan, financial considerations, and any other relevant aspects. By prioritizing thoroughness and addressing any unanswered questions or uncertainties, we demonstrate our commitment to patient care and facilitate a positive experience.

So good communication is not a given?

Repeatedly, our patients in our Grand Junction dental office have expressed their appreciation for the time we dedicate to explaining procedures and actively listening to their concerns. This level of attention sets us apart from other dental offices and strengthens the patient-doctor relationship by fostering trust and open communication.

Can education about a dental procedure ease my fear?

Reduced dread and anxiety is a big benefit of dental patient education. Patients frequently feel dental anxiety, which is frequently caused by a dread of the future or by unpleasant past experiences. Anxiety can be reduced by informing patients about procedures, step-by-step processes, and anticipated feelings. Patients’ anxieties are reduced when they know exactly what to expect, which encourages a more at ease and comfortable dental experience.

When it comes to matters concerning their own bodies, patients naturally desire to be informed. It is essential to provide them with comprehensive details and information, particularly regarding specific procedures intended to assist them. By offering clarity, we eliminate the element of fear that arises from the unknown.

For instance, when informing a patient about a root canal, it is important to go beyond merely mentioning the term. By showing them an x-ray and visually explaining what a root canal entails, we bridge the gap between their perception and the reality of the procedure, potentially dispelling any exaggerated or misconstrued fears they may have.

Can knowledge improve patient compliance?

Yes. Improved compliance and better oral hygiene is another benefit. Patients are better equipped to take better care of their teeth and gums when they are informed about oral hygiene procedures and preventive care. Patients are more likely to follow oral hygiene recommendations when they comprehend the value of routine brushing, flossing, and dental checkups. This information lowers the possibility of dental problems and promotes long-term oral health.

Better informed patients have better outcomes?

Enhanced treatment outcomes is a benefit for sure. When patients have a thorough understanding of their dental condition and recommended treatments, they are more likely to follow through with the prescribed care. This commitment to treatment compliance improves the chances of successful outcomes and contributes to overall oral health improvement. This is why we take patient education so seriously at Grand Dental.

Is patient education part of the Grand Dental difference?

Right! Building trust and strengthening relationships is a big goal of our dental staff. At Grand Dental, we know that patient education fosters trust and strengthens the dentist-patient relationship. When Dr. Eric Benefield and his staff take the time to explain procedures, answer questions, and address concerns, our Grand Junction patients feel valued, respected, and more connected to their dental care providers. This trust-based relationship promotes open communication and establishes a foundation for long-term oral health management. We want the entire Grand Junction community to have healthy teeth and the smiles of their dreams!

So patient education empowers the patient?

Making well-Informed decisions is extremely valuable. Patient education gives people the power to decide for themselves what is best for their oral health. Patients can actively participate in their own dental care by being given comprehensive information about the many treatment options, procedures, and possible outcomes. They may evaluate the advantages, dangers, and options to reach decisions that are consistent with their preferences and objectives.

Dr. Eric Benefield provides patient education on Esteem Dental Implants


In this dental education video, Dr. Eric explains everything you need to know about how dental implants work. Watch his video carefully and schedule a consultation with the Grand Dental office so that Dr. Eric can personally advise you about your specific needs.

We picture a world where people’s lives are changed through a confident smile


A Grand Dental Patient Case Study

Gloria explains how Dr. Eric Benefield. and the Dental Implant Team at Grand Dental not only restored her smile but gave her back the ability to eat the foods she enjoys. This life-changing treatment gave her back her confident, self-esteem and joy!

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“I chose Dr. Benefield after researching dentists in Grand Junction following a move from Arizona. I needed extensive work, including implants and a bridge. We discussed the cost and the time frame (about a year). After an exam, he quoted me a price for the total package. I could not have made a better choice. The whole staff are super careful about the pandemic, as well as very caring and professional. Dr. Benefield, (known in the office as ‘Dr Eric’), has worked diligently with me for the past 8 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He obviously enjoys what he does and makes every effort to make it as painless as possible.” ~ Jean

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