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Three Reasons to Stop Sleeping in Your Dentures

Effects of Sleeping in Your Dentures Your dentures go with you wherever you go. After all, you can’t speak or eat without them in, so it makes sense. When you come home at the end of the day, and you are preparing for bed, those dentures should come out and stay out until the next […]

Fight Bruxism with Relaxation

Bruxism There is a common issue that many patients are suffering from without really knowing what they are doing. This issue is called bruxism. Bruxism is another word for grinding your teeth, and it can happen throughout the day or while you are sleeping at night. Bruxism is often a result of stress and anxiety […]

Will You Enjoy Your Feast?

Thanksgiving is upon us, along with all of its wonderful smells and tastes. The thought of turkey, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and harvest vegetables is enough to make our mouths salivate right now! A feast like Thanksgiving is a fantastic experience for most of us, but for those without a healthy smile, Thanksgiving day can […]

Invisalign Makes Special Events Easier

An adult wearing orthodontics has to deal with more commentary than a young person wearing the same type of orthodontics. We just don’t expect to see an adult with tinsel teeth, so when we have a friend or family member with braces, we can’t help but make comments. Of course adults sometimes need orthodontics, but […]

Help a Frightened Child Prepare For a Dental Exam

Small children are so much fun to be around because they are so curious and ask a lot of questions. Anyone who has parented a four-year-old can tell you that! When it comes to scheduling dental appointments for your child, you may find that your child is scared or anxious. It’s important to turn those […]

How to Maintain Your Smile Through Diabetes

If you are living with diabetes, you know the long list of concerns that come along with that diagnosis. It seems like no part of your life will be left unaffected, and your oral health is no exception. However, with a little bit of intentional care, you will have no reason to worry about your […]

Three Boosts to Your Smile for the Holidays

Give Yourself the Gift of Cosmetic Dentistry this Holiday Season The holidays are approaching quickly, and there’s no time to lose in the quest for a more stunning smile. Some cosmetic dentistry treatments take months of your time, but we have some amazing procedures that will transform your smile in just one or two appointments! […]

Drinking More Water For Your Health

There are some things that benefit your body from head to toe. Things like exercise and eating plenty of vegetables are perfect examples of actions that benefit your entire being. Your oral health is not excluded from these healthy habits, but one of the best practices for your body and smile is learning to drink […]

Creating a Floss Habit For Your Child

We’ve talked before about the importance of setting good foundations for your child to learn how to care for that precious smile. Learning these practices, however, isn’t always easy. With a clear plan, you can help your little one learn to brush, and you can introduce the habit of flossing, that eludes most American adults! […]

Difficult Procedures Made Easier

How to Relax Before a Dental Procedure Aside from experiencing it for yourself, there is little to prepare you for your first major dental procedure. Some teens experience the removal of their wisdom teeth, but not all. That leaves many adult patients facing oral surgery or a complex procedure without any knowledge aside from having […]