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4 Reasons Why You Should Floss + 5 Flossing Tips

4 Reasons Why You Should Floss 1. Gets Rid of PLAQUE! Flossing removes and prevents the build-up of plaque. This is super important because plaque build-up can lead to gum disease, like periodontal disease. Plaque is a sticky film that millions of bacteria live in. Once it hardens, it can be hard to remove. 2. […]

Looking for an Answer to Missing Teeth? Try Implant-Supported Dentures

Years ago, people with missing teeth turned to dentures to have their smiles restored. While dentures have helped a lot of people regain their confidence, some people find wearing them uncomfortable and awkward. Sometimes, others find themselves in an embarrassing situation when their dentures unexpectedly slip out of their mouths. Nowadays, wearing dentures doesn’t have […]

Why a Dentist Endorses Standard Dental Implants to Tooth Loss Patients

Teeth are biological marvels in terms of sturdiness, next, perhaps, to bones. Some people, however, have it tougher than most—Schaumburg, Ill resident Jolanta Garbarz, for example, unfortunately possesses weaker than normal teeth, which often sends her straight the dentist for treatment after biting down on something hard. As a solution, she was prodded to try […]