Advantages of ESTEEM Dental Implants in Grand Junction

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An ESTEEM Dental Implants Testimonial With Vern

A Grand Dental Blog Post by Dr. Eric Benefield

An ESTEEM Dental Implants Experience with Vern

Transforming Smiles with ESTEEM Dental Implants at Grand Dental

ESTEEM Dental implants have revolutionized full mouth restoration, offering durable solutions that significantly improve patients’ lives. At Grand Dental in Grand Junction, CO, Dr. Eric Benefield is at the forefront of utilizing Esteem Dental Implants to provide these life-changing treatments. One of Dr. Benefield’s patients, Sharon, recently shared her experience, which highlights the effectiveness and impact of these implants.

A Comfortable Dental Experience

Sharon’s experience began with the comfort she found at Grand Dental. The welcoming atmosphere and the professionalism of the staff made her dental experience exceptionally positive. This level of comfort is crucial for patients undergoing significant dental procedures like implants, as it eases their journey towards a better smile.

Sharon emphasizes the personalized care and comfort she experienced at Grand Dental, which set the tone for her positive experience. In Sharon’s words: “The staff at Dr. Benefield’s office are wonderful people.” The level of comfort and trust she felt in the hands of Dr. Benefield and his team made a significant difference. She notes that this comfort made the entire process smoother and less daunting.

Quality of Life Improvement

The impact of the Esteem Dental Implants on Sharon was profound. “I’ve never felt so comfortable in a dentist’s office,” and “I’m really happy with the teeth.” are the types of things we aim to hear from every patient. The decision to choose Esteem Dental Implants has not only improved her smile but has also boosted her confidence, proving to be well worth the cost and the time.

Expert Care by Dr. Eric Benefield

Dr. Benefield’s expertise in dental implants is evident in the satisfaction expressed by his patients. His approach not only focuses on the technical aspects of dental implantation but also on ensuring that patients feel informed and cared for throughout the process.

For Sharon, the Esteem Dental Implants were a worthwhile investment. They have significantly improved her quality of life, not just through a better smile, but also by enhancing her overall self-confidence. Her positive feedback underscores the value and success of the implants provided by Grand Dental.

Learn More About ESTEEM Dental Implants

Dr. Eric Benefield uses ESTEEM Dental Implants not just because they are the best solution when it comes to restoring your self-esteem through full-mouth renovation, but also because Dr. Eric has access to an entire team of top dental implantologists across the country. Dr. Eric and his peers are constantly sharing best practices and leading-edge know-how in order to get you the best outcome. Because you deserve the smile of your dreams!

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A Grand Dental Patient Case Study

Gloria explains how Dr. Eric Benefield. and the Dental Implant Team at Grand Dental not only restored her smile but gave her back the ability to eat the foods she enjoys. This life-changing treatment gave her back her confident, self-esteem and joy!

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“I chose Dr. Benefield after researching dentists in Grand Junction following a move from Arizona. I needed extensive work, including implants and a bridge. We discussed the cost and the time frame (about a year). After an exam, he quoted me a price for the total package. I could not have made a better choice. The whole staff are super careful about the pandemic, as well as very caring and professional. Dr. Benefield, (known in the office as ‘Dr Eric’), has worked diligently with me for the past 8 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He obviously enjoys what he does and makes every effort to make it as painless as possible.” ~ Jean

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