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An ESTEEM Dental Implants Testimonial With Kendra

A Grand Dental Blog Post by Dr. Eric Benefield

An ESTEEM Dental Implants Testimonial With Kendra

Kendra’s Story with ESTEEM Dental Implants at Grand Dental

When Kendra visited Grand Dental about eight months ago, she wasn’t just looking for routine dental care; she sought a solution to her receding gum line, a problem that was affecting her confidence and self-image. Like many patients, Kendra’s journey towards a new smile began with a high recommendation and led to a transformative experience with Esteem Dental Implants under the skilled hands of Dr. Eric Benefield.

Kendra’s initial visit to Grand Dental was driven by her concern over her receding gum line, which made her feel older and self-conscious about her dental health. During her comprehensive dental exam and teeth cleaning, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Grand Dental provided her with a thorough understanding of her dental condition, reassuring her that it was a natural result of aging and teeth grinding, not a result of poor dental hygiene.

During her first visit, the team not only cleaned her teeth but took the time to explain why her gums had receded- not just due to poor dental care, but just a normal part of aging and some habits like teeth grinding. This was a relief for Kendra and the first step in regaining her confidence.

The real game changer was the suggestion of veneers. The team at Grand Dental broke down everything for Kendra—the costs, the process, and even financing options. Knowing all her options made the decision easy and stress-free.

Kendra’s treatment included three main steps: first, they took impressions of her teeth to create temporaries. A month later, she got these temporaries fitted, which was a smooth process. Finally, her permanent veneers were ready and adjusted perfectly to her satisfaction.

Kendra couldn’t be happier with the results and the care she received from Dr. Eric Benefield. She highly recommends Grand Dental for anyone thinking about getting veneers. The professionalism and warmth of the staff at Grand Dental made all the difference!

If you’re considering dental implants or any cosmetic dental procedure, let Kendra’s story inspire you. The expertise of Dr. Eric Benefield, combined with the state-of-the-art technology at Grand Dental, ensures that every patient leaves with more than just a new smile—they leave with a renewed sense of confidence and happiness.

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A Grand Dental Patient Case Study

Gloria explains how Dr. Eric Benefield. and the Dental Implant Team at Grand Dental not only restored her smile but gave her back the ability to eat the foods she enjoys. This life-changing treatment gave her back her confident, self-esteem and joy!

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“I chose Dr. Benefield after researching dentists in Grand Junction following a move from Arizona. I needed extensive work, including implants and a bridge. We discussed the cost and the time frame (about a year). After an exam, he quoted me a price for the total package. I could not have made a better choice. The whole staff are super careful about the pandemic, as well as very caring and professional. Dr. Benefield, (known in the office as ‘Dr Eric’), has worked diligently with me for the past 8 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He obviously enjoys what he does and makes every effort to make it as painless as possible.” ~ Jean

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