4 Reasons Why You Should Floss + 5 Flossing Tips

4 Reasons Why You Should Floss

1. Gets Rid of PLAQUE!

Flossing removes and prevents the build-up of plaque. This is super important because plaque build-up can lead to gum disease, like periodontal disease. Plaque is a sticky film that millions of bacteria live in. Once it hardens, it can be hard to remove.

2. Reaches 40% of Your Mouth That Your Toothbrush MISSES.

Your toothbrush isn’t perfect, and just brushing can make it easy to miss food particles and other bacteria. It can’t protect you from gum disease and tooth loss, but flossing can. Brushing alone only reaches about 60% of the bacteria, plaque, tartar, etc. on your teeth. Flossing helps to reach the other 40%.

3. Makes Your Teeth Brighter & Whiter.

The same reason you vacuum your carpet is the same reason you need to floss your teeth. You don’t realize how much dirt, dust, and other particles are hidden in your carpet until you vacuum. Not only do you remove those hidden particles, but your carpet looks brighter and the original color comes back. The same goes for your teeth. Removing the bacteria, plaque, excess food particles can not only further clean your teeth but also help them look brighter and whiter.

4. Leads to Good Heart Health

Some studies suggest that oral hygiene can affect your overall heart health. This could be because of the bacteria that can come from gum disease and plaque build-up that could get into your bloodstream or simply because healthy oral hygiene habits can lead to other healthy habits.

5 Flossing Tips

1. Length Matters When it Comes to Flossing.

Use about 18 inches, or about an arm’s length of floss.

2. When Flossing Make Sure It’s Clean!

For each tooth, use the clean parts of the floss.

3. Flossing Requires Thoughtful Placement.

At the base of each tooth, slightly curve the floss around it to be sure to get beneath the gum line.

4. Always Be Gentle When Flossing!

Gum tissue can be delicate, so be sure to never force or snap the floss. Gently rub back and forth with up and down motions.

5. Flossing With Different Types of Floss.

There are different kinds of floss, so find the one that works best for your teeth.