emergency-dental-services-in-grand-junctionNeed an Emergency Dentist?

Complete Dental Care in Our Office
Grand Dental, P.C. offers emergency dental care. If you are suffering from a toothache, cracked or chipped tooth, abscessed tooth, or any other mouth pain, then please schedule an emergency appointment with us. We can relieve your discomfort and correct the problem. Dental emergencies are painful, inconvenient, frustrating and can quickly become unbearable. At Grand Dental, P.C., we use the latest technologies to make your experience with us comfortable and successful.

Sedation Available

Do you need dental work, but are anxious and fearful about the dental visit? Because dentist appointments may be a scary experience, many patient’s problems only worsen by not getting treatment.

All of our patients that request sedation during dental work are pleasantly surprised. This stress-free option comforts those who have anxieties. We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed atmosphere and providing comforting results.

Affordable Financing
The smile you want may have been elusive in the past because of the cost. A factor may also have been that in order to receive the treatments you need you wanted to have the best Grand Junction dentist to assist you. If this sounds like you, then give us a call at (970) 243-8580. We are excited to offer our services including sedation dentistry, Invisalign, dentures and partials, and dental implants along with a relaxing atmosphere filled with comfort. Along with this, we want to give our patients financing options.

Your budget is important to us. Help our team by letting us know your needs and how we can help. We are more than willing to assist you and work out a win-win solution. We accept all major credit cards, create a financing solution that works for your family and we also accept CareCredit® and ChaseHealthAdvance℠. Any of these options can help you in your quest for the perfect smile without breaking your budget.