Dental Implants

Why Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are long-term solutions to missing teeth. As long as you practice proper oral hygiene and visit your Grand Junction, CO dentist regularly, the dental implants can last a lifetime. Other benefits that you can look forward to:

  • Better chewing ability and nutrition

    Unlike dentures that restrict your diet, dental implants let you eat whatever you want.

  • Improved comfort.

    Your gums can finally rest because the crown or denture is supported by the implants.

  • Improved speech

    Smile, laugh and speak with confidence without worrying that your teeth will come off.

  • Better overall health

    Unlike dentures, dental implants stimulate the bone and prevent bone loss.

  • Natural-looking teeth

    Dental implants are the closest things to the real deal.

  • No more adhesives

    No need to use messy adhesives that don’t work.